vishwakarma kamgar kalyan yojana

While presenting the financial year 2023-24, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot announced the launch of Vishwakarma Kamgar Kalyan Yojana on 10 February 2023. Through this scheme, the deprived and working class people living below the poverty line will be included. More than 1 lakh people from low income group will be benefited through Vishwakarma Kamgar Kalyan Yojana. Under Vishwakarma Kamgar Kalyan Yojana, the government will give a grant of Rs 5,000 each to artists, laborers and women for the purchase of necessary equipment like kits, sewing machines etc. for setting up self-employment .

Under this scheme, 30,000 handicrafts and art artisans of the state will also get assistance in taking their products to the market. Besides, they will also be able to participate in fairs held at state and national level. Under this scheme, priority will be given to handicrafts, hair art, clay art, artisans and nomads for self-employment. This scheme will prove to be instrumental in changing the living standards of small workers. Due to which art artisans will get a chance to be self-reliant.

vishwakarma kamgar kalyan yojana

Eligibility criteria for applying vishwakarma kamgar kalyan yojana online

The benefit of this vishwakarma kamgar kalyan yojana will be given only to the original residents of Rajasthan.

Similarly, people whose minimum age is 18 years will get the benefit of the vishwakarma kamgar kalyan yojana.

Only the person belonging to low income group will get the benefit of the vishwakarma kamgar kalyan yojana.

To avail the benefits of the vishwakarma kamgar kalyan yojana, a person must have a bank account and it must be linked to the Aadhaar card.

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Benefits of vishwakarma kamgar kalyan yojana rajathan

The announcement of the launch of Vishwakarma Kamgar Kalyan Yojana was made by Rajasthan Chief Minister Shri Ashok Gehlot in the budget speech on 10 February 2023.

Under Vishwakarma Kamgar Kalyan Yojana, financial assistance will be provided to carpenters, tailors, barbers, confectioners, low income women and people associated with clay art.

Govt with vishwakarma kamgar kalyan yojana, an amount of Rs 5,000 will be provided by the government to the youth for self-employment.

By availing the benefit of financial assistance, they will be able to purchase self-employment related equipment like kits, sewing machines etc.

Under the Vishwakarma Workers Welfare Scheme, the Rajasthan government will provide financial assistance of Rs 10,000 to the handicraftsmen and workers for the sale and marketing of their products.

Through this scheme, more than one lakh youth will be able to start their traditional employment. Due to which traditional arts can be preserved.

Through this scheme, artisans will get help in improving the quality of products and increasing their reach to the general public.

Documents required for vishwakarma kamgar kalyan yojana

Aadhar card
income certificate
caste certificate
Address proof
Bank account statement
Ration card
mobile number
passport size photo

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