Mot History check of a vehicle

Here are the steps to check a vehicle’s MOT history in the UK:

  1. Gather information: You’ll need the vehicle’s registration number and, ideally, the 11-digit code from the V5C logbook.
  2. Go online: The official government website allows free MOT history checks:
  3. Enter details: Input the vehicle’s registration number and, if available, the 11-digit code.
  4. View report: The website will display a report showing the MOT history, including:
  • Pass or fail results for each test
  • Mileage at the time of each test
  • Any advisories or failures identified during the tests
  • Location of the test centre
  • Next MOT due date

Additional notes:

  • The government website stores MOT history for up to 10 years.
  • This information can be helpful, especially when considering buying a used car. A complete MOT history with minimal failures and advisories can indicate a well-maintained vehicle.
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