Mahalakshmi Scheme Telangana

The Mahalakshmi Scheme is a welfare scheme proposed by the Indian National Congress (INC) for the state of Telangana. The scheme was announced by Sonia Gandhi, the president of the INC, during the party’s election campaign in Telangana in 2023

The Mahalakshmi Scheme provides financial assistance and other benefits to women in Telangana. The key features of the scheme include:

  • Monthly financial assistance of ₹2,500 to all women in the state.
  • Free bus travel for women in TSRTC buses across the state.
  • LPG cylinders at ₹500 for women.

The scheme is expected to benefit over 30 million women in Telangana. The INC has said that the scheme is aimed at empowering women and improving their economic well-being.

The Mahalakshmi Scheme has been welcomed by women’s rights groups and activists. They have said that the scheme is a significant step towards gender equality in Telangana.

However, the scheme has also been criticized by some quarters. Critics have said that the scheme is too expensive and that it will put a strain on the state’s finances. They have also said that the scheme is not targeted enough and that it will benefit all women, regardless of their economic status.

The Mahalakshmi Scheme is one of the key promises made by the INC in its election manifesto for Telangana. If the INC wins the 2023 Telangana Assembly elections, the scheme is likely to be implemented.

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