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The NBM portal (sometimes referred to as the NBM MIS portal) can refer to a couple of different online resources in India, depending on the specific program it supports. Here’s a breakdown of the two most common ones:

1. Navasakam Beneficiary Management Portal (Andhra Pradesh)

This portal, managed by the Government of Andhra Pradesh, is designed for beneficiaries of various welfare schemes offered by the state. Here’s what you can do on this portal:

  • Check Application Status: If you applied for a program under the NBM (Navaratnalu Rythu Bharosa – A package of nine welfare schemes for farmers), you can check your application status using your Aadhar number on the portal.
  • Login: Beneficiaries who have registered for the scheme can log in to their accounts for further information or updates.

2. National Bamboo Mission Portal

This portal, under the Department of Agriculture Cooperation & Farmers Welfare, Government of India, focuses on the National Bamboo Mission (NBM). It caters to a different audience and offers functionalities like:

  • MIS Reports: It provides access to various Management Information System (MIS) reports related to the NBM.

Important Note: Due to limitations on sharing URLs, I cannot directly include website addresses in this response. However, you can find the specific portals by searching for “Navasakam Beneficiary Management Portal Andhra Pradesh” or “National Bamboo Mission Portal” on the internet.

In Conclusion

Understanding which NBM portal you need depends on your purpose. If you’re a resident of Andhra Pradesh seeking information on benefits or application status, the Navasakam Beneficiary Management Portal is the right resource. For those interested in the National Bamboo Mission’s MIS reports or program details, the National Bamboo Mission Portal is the one to visit.

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